Crop Excellence Products

Our team is proud to partner with Carolina Eastern and provide their industry-proven Crop Excellence product line. We specialize in providing you with the best product options to mitigate your risks in the field and improve your operation’s ROI while also not selling you on products you don’t need.

Protect your ROI and your crops by working with an experienced team offering a top-of-the-line product lineup.

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Carolina Eastern developed the Crop Excellence proprietary brand over 45 years ago with the vision of developing products that would add value to their customers’ farms. Integra Ag joined the Carolina Eastern family with a common goal of helping your business and your farm thrive.

Integra Ag isn’t a broker, we provide both branded and generic chemical offerings. This allows our growers to still get their loyalty money and support from the manufacturer. For the grower who isn’t concerned about branded chemicals, we also provide generic offerings as well. Our generic chemicals are often used to provide the farmer a better cost. Often times, this is a great option for those who are also spraying their own fields.

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