About Us

Integra Ag was founded on a coin flip with a goal of providing everything you need and eliminating the things that you don’t. We do that by optimizing efficiency and providing you with knowledge on the procurement process. This leads to more profit on your operation and alternative revenue sources.

We work every day with the belief that our customers deserve industry leading service while also a transparent look into our business, so they better understand our business and how we can partner better along the way.

Integra Ag, a joint venture with Carolina Eastern – an independent ag retailer with over 40 locations and 40 years of experience -provides the modern farmer with a new alternative to the traditional ag retailer or co-op. Agriculture has changed over the last 50 years but many of the services available to farmers have not, making it harder for the modern, business-minded farmer to find the right solution for their operation.

Our team provides our customers with right expertise to help them confidently navigate their crop needs and products for each field. We work closely with each grower to develop a customized plan using Crop Excellence products to bring in higher yields and better returns year after year.

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